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Our Passion

As a production company there are many outlets that can be used to bring the creative process to the public. Whether it is about the community or business, taking your story and bringing it to life so that it can connect with the audience speaks to the passion that we carry to each project. Creating and working with creative poeple, is what we love to do! Let us take that passion and pour it into your next project! Engaging the World around you! We look forward to working with you!

Our Approach

Connecting your business to the community around you is a very difficult process, and you can spend mountains of money beyond your budget before you figure out what works for you and what doesn't! For the small to medium business, marketing has to be about people and making that personal connection. We are here to help you build a marketing strategy that will introduce, reach, and establish your brand, without breaking your budget. Engaging the world around you!

Our Story

In 2015 REP was formed by Brian French and Ryan Werre to help creative people have a place where they can utilize their talents and abilities. Lauren French joined our team in 2017 after completing her degree from college. Our staff has worked hard to continue schooling, development, and enrichment to become certified in many areas of our industry to form a team that can and will meet the needs of our clients. Most of all, this company was formed because each of us has a passion for producing, creating, and working with creative people. For us this is what we love to do!

Meet the Team

Service, quality, attention to detail is what we strive for as a company! The relationships we build through these values are at the core of who we are as people, and making that connection with our client is our goal.

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Brian French

Managing Partner

Brian's aspiration to create a production company came into reality in 2015. The creative process and producing stories has been his life long passion, now a reality in REP.

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Lauren French

Associate Partner

With Lauren's passion for creative writing, she has put her skills to work building social campaigns and producing content. Being able to use a creative outlet to build a career directly out of school is an exciting opportunity!

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Justin French

Technical Design

Justin works with the team as a seasonal intern while he works to finish his degree at Hannibal-LaGrange University. This unique opportunity allows him to develop his skills in the classroom and in a work environment.

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Ryan Werre

Technical Director

Ryan's vast technical knowledge gives REP a great advantage as we continue to grow and use the latest technology.

Customer Service

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