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Content Creation

Do I need graphics to promote my business?
 Is it time for a logo redesigned for my business?
Where can I get Content for my Business? 
Can I get professional video content for my business?
Get everything you need w/theREP

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Brand Marketing

Can I afford a marketing team?
Who can manage social media for my business?
Where can I get email marketing for my business?
Who can build and manage a new website for my business?

Get Everything you need w/theREP

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James Watson


Peter Johnson


Tyler Grant


Building business from the inside out. Through relationships and not transactions. 

TheREP consistently writes blogs that discuss topics concerning marketing and content creation. We want to share our knowledge with fellow Micro Business owners.


Visit our YouTube channel theREP!

You will find videos presented to the Micro-Business owner for information and tips from other local Micro-Business owners and Professionals.

theREP Channel
REP YouTube channel

theREP Review

Working with the REP team has been a wonderful experience. They are always working to come up with new ideas and strategies to help my online presence grow. They have a positive energy in everything they do from going on location at events to recordings in their studio. A fantastic group to be able to work with!

Dr. Elizabeth Crumbaugh

Owner & Practitioner

We partnered with REP to create a Social Media presence and create Vlogs for our Facebook page and Website. Red Earth Productions has not disappointed. We appreciate their attention to detail and creative ideas to bring our social presence to life. They are always professional and really create a great atmosphere to work in.

Megan Wallender

Accounting & Payroll Specialist


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