Red Earth Productions LLC
Creating and Working with Creative People Is What We Love to Do!

Content Creation

Are you in need of creating a quality video presentation for your next, Business Expo or Seminar.... Are you wanting to update or create Training or Recruiting videos for your HR department.... Do you want to update those Executive Bios to video for your website.... Social Media advertising or video social bites that you can utilize to build that social presence you been looking for.... We can create quality content to bring your company in vivid HD to your target audience.


Focused Program: Working with the Client to set the objective. Building a foundation for which we can tell the story and create content with a focused initiative.... Strategic Planning: Our approach to socialization begins with the development of the story, then reaching the audience with this story, followed by engaging the audience in order to establish the clients footprint in their social platforms.... Content Creation: We utilize our production team to create video work of the client and other outlets to develop quality social bites and mini-stories to bring that personal connection between our clients and the people they want to connect with.... Social Management: We are here to help you manage your social outlets and to analyze and report on all activity created from the socialization plan.

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Our Story

In 2015 REP was formed by Brian French and Ryan Werre to help creative people have a place where they can utilize their talents and abilities. We saw these abilities within our own family and Lauren French joined our team in 2017 after finishing her degree and graduating from college. Our staff has worked hard with schooling and continuing education to form a team that can and will meet the needs of our clients. Most of all, this company was formed because each of us has a passion for producing, creating, and working with creative people. For us this is what we love to do!